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Garage Floor Tiles Home Depot

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Garage Floor Tiles Home DepotGarage Floor Tiles Home Depot – carport, is the place to store the vehicle in front of the House that does not have a garage or have the vehicle more than the capacity of the garage. Carport roof equipped with the purpose to protect the vehicle from rain, dew and the blazing sunlight.

If you want to choose a floor covering material carport, make sure the surface is coarse, so it is not slippery when covered in water. In addition, select materials that have a strong lasting power because it will withstand the load of the vehicle. Lastly, consider also about her treatment. Select the treatment is easy and not easily dirty.

When designing the carport, there are several factors to consider include:

  1. Land area, should be wider and longer at least 1 meter from the size of the vehicles will be parked.
  2. Layout of the carport should pay attention to the circulation of vehicles when transitions carport as well as the direction and flow of vehicles on the road which is bounded by page.
  3. The form and structure of the roof of the carport is very diverse. In addition to relying on the taste of the homeowner, the important things to consider is that roof carport design display effect directly against the appearance of the face of the building as a whole.
  4. Layout of the drains for the disposal of rainwater should be planned in such a way so that it can drain the rain water flow in the well.
  5. Material selection should pay attention to the factors of strength, ease of installation, and care of, any material selection should take into account the influence of the characteristics of the material against the appearance of the design house building.

In addition to the five factors above, there are other things that are no less important for planned are cooked. That is, choose the bottom material. You can choose between the tiles to the concrete floor as rebates. The following types of floors that can be applied to the carport at home:

The Cement Print

Mortar consists of a mixture of sand, cement and small corals. The cement floor of the print can be a sheet or slab with a thickness of 3 cm to 5 cm. Printing process can also be done with other cast or cast in place other then in pairs on the floor of Your carport. So that it looks interesting, you can fill out the grout between the cement with coral material brush or grass.

Natural Stone

In addition to applied on the exterior wall of the House, natural stone materials are also commonly used as flooring carport. Types of natural stone that is commonly used is the stones and stone slabs. Dark colors tend to serve to disguise the stain and impressed.

Floor carport with natural stone has attraction because it can be shaped, with unique and varied according to taste. To make floor carport using natural stones with the unique motive needed special skills, which can be created by the gardener.

In order for the natural stone is not susceptible to mold and mildew, don’t forget to regularly coat the surface with a liquid coating.

Concrete Rebates

The other term is stucco. The composition of cement and sand right will produce a sturdy concrete rebates to withstand the weight of the car.

How to make floor carport this type is quite easy. Only by leveling the ground and lined with sand urug, furthermore give concrete mortar mix to obtain rebates of concrete as thick as 8 cm to 10 cm.

Floor carport made using concrete materials in general given additional creations such as grass or small trenches. Using concrete carport floor motifs are generally made with the motif of Plaid or striped. In order for the water not pooled in the carport, then need to be made directly to the water line into the gutter.


The next type of floor carport is ceramic. Although it’s common to use the material, but in fact it is still a favorite of most homeowners. The reason is because the motif, texture, and color of the ceramic, can make the look of the carport while home look more charming.

If you want to use ceramics as floor carport, the main thing that needs to be noted is the selection of textures. Use the coarse ceramics are indeed designed for outdoor areas, not slippery when exposed to water as well as providing a good grip when the brakes of the vehicle.

In addition, choose small sized ceramics like 30cmx30cm, as better able to withstand heavy loads such as four-wheeled vehicles.


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